If the structure of the house is
not breathable, indoor air
quality is totally dependent
on ventilation.

Breathable and tight structures
improve the quality of indoor air.
These structures let oxygen
and carbon dioxide pass through.
Thus Kero log houses are not "bottles"
but act in a natural fashion.


• No complex layered structures with plastic vapor barriers.

• Massive wood structures do not contain harmful chemicals in any form.

• The products are designed to facilitate the use of alternative heating solutions.


• Reduced carbon footprint.

• Wall structure free of vapor barriers stabilizes air humidity and keeps indoor air pleasant also in winter.

• Breathable logs improve indoor air quality.

• Structures do not contain any hazardous substances. No substances that have harmful effects on human health or nature are used in the production


• Structures are designed as simple as possible.

This enables efficient and cost-effective


• Heating energy consumption is low.